What is the difference between the various hail protection tarpaulins?

We offer our hail protection in 3 different quality levels, depending on the requirements:

Hail protection tarpaulin "Perma Protect": Basic model with 5 mm total thickness, consisting of 3 water-repellent layers and hail protection from hailstones with a diameter of up to 11 mm.

Hail protection tarpaulin "Premium Hybrid": With 8 mm total thickness, consisting of 4 water-repellent layers and a hail protection of hailstones with up to 14 mm diameter and up to 70 km/h wind protection, this is our premium tarpaulin for the best hail protection.


Please note: Our Perma Protect and Premium Hybrid hail protection tarpaulins are not UV resistant. Direct UV radiation damages the tarpaulin and reduces the service life of the cover. It is therefore essential to remove the cover after use and not to leave it on the vehicle permanently! 
If the cover remains on the vehicle for a longer period of time, moisture can form underneath, which can also significantly reduce the service life of the tarpaulin.


Hail protection tarpaulin "Hybrid UV Protect": This tarpaulin offers you 365 days of premium all-round protection! Like the Premium Hybrid tarpaulin, it has a total thickness of 8 mm and protects against hailstones up to 14 mm in diameter. However, it consists of 6 layers, is waterproof and offers additional protection against UV radiation. This means you can leave the tarpaulin on your vehicle 365 days a year. 

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