General information on fit and headrests

Universal seat cover vs. fit:
Universal means that a product is suitable for a wide range of vehicles, but there may be variations in fit.
Custom fit, on the other hand, is specifically designed for a particular vehicle model to ensure optimum fit and performance.

Backrest fit:
It is possible that the backrest may appear a little tight at first after the first upholstery.
After repeated use and natural movement, the material becomes more flexible and adapts better to the shape of the backrest. This adjustment process often leads to an improved fit and a more comfortable sitting experience. Please give the material some time and regular use to adapt optimally to the backrest.

Universal headrests vs. fit:
Universal headrests are suitable for a variety of vehicles, but their fit may vary.
Custom fit headrests are designed specifically for a particular vehicle model and offer a tailored fit for optimal safety and comfort.

Headrest fit:
Various fit models have included headrest covers in different styles for a perfect fit.

Fit special equipment lumbar support etc.:
Each seat cover is individually made for a car model and many openings, such as for the headrests, a side lever or a map pocket, are already prefabricated and fit perfectly. In a few cases, you may have to make additional cut-outs yourself, depending on your equipment line.

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