Difference between normal, sports and pilot seat

Normal seat:
Regular seats are the standard car seats that are installed in most vehicles. Their main aim is to provide a comfortable seat for the average driver and passenger. With their traditional design, standard seats provide balanced support for a pleasant driving experience. Typically, the headrest on regular seats is removable, providing additional customization options for the user.

Sport seat:
Sports seats are used in sporty or performance-oriented vehicles. Their focus is on improved lateral support and stability. Thanks to higher bolsters in the backrest and seat area, sports seats offer pronounced lateral support. These features allow the body to be better supported and relieved when cornering.

Pilot seat/integral seat:
Pilot or integral seats are typically found in airplanes, race cars or special types of vehicles. These seats are characterized by comprehensive full-body support, including shoulders, head and sometimes legs. Safety features such as fixed head restraints and additional belt systems are integral components. Normally, the headrest in pilot seats or integral seats is not removable as it is specifically designed to keep the head in a safe and upright position.

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