What is an equipment line?

A vehicle equipment line refers to a specific configuration of standard and optional equipment offered by a vehicle manufacturer. These lines are typically pre-built equipment packages designed to meet the needs and preferences of different customer groups.
To give customers more choices, manufacturers offer different trim lines. Each line can include specific upgrades and additional features. These lines can be labeled as "Basic", "Comfort", "Sport" or "Luxury", for example.
Within a trim line, customers can often choose from various optional packages. These packages can bundle certain technology, safety or comfort features.
Sometimes special equipment lines or special models are introduced that may offer additional features, special design elements or performance enhancements. These are often limited in time or available for specific markets.

Equipment line information:
The exact location of trim line information may vary by country and registration authority. However, there should be information on the trim line or variant in the vehicle registration documents or registration certificate. Here are some possible places where you might find this information:

Vehicle registration certificate/registration certificate part II:
In some countries, the equipment line may be mentioned in the vehicle registration certificate or registration certificate part II. This document contains important information about the vehicle, including technical details and equipment features.

COC (Certificate of Conformity) document:
The COC paper is a document that contains information about vehicle conformity. It may contain details of the equipment line.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):
Some vehicles have a specific VIN coding which may contain equipment line information. However, this may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Owner's manual or manufacturer documentation:
There could be equipment line information in the owner's manual or specific manufacturer documentation.

Manufacturer's online platforms:
In some cases, the vehicle manufacturer offers online tools or platforms where you can check the equipment line using the vehicle identification number (VIN) or other information.

It is advisable to check the vehicle documents carefully or, if you are unsure, to contact the manufacturer or the registration authority directly to obtain precise information on the equipment line.

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